小林孝亘 雲と影
    Takanobu KOBAYASHI Cloud and Shadow  
    2022年5月24日(火) -7月2日 (土)  
    24 May - 2 July 2022
Closed on Sundays and Mondays






Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present "Clound and Shadow", an exhibition of new works by Takanobu Kobayashi, from Tuesday 24th April to Saturday 2nd July 2022.

Born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo in 1960, Kobayashi graduated from Aichi University of the Arts in 1986 with a degree in oil painting.
Kobayashi has attracted attention since the mid-1990s, exhibiting in numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad, including solo shows at Nishimura Gallery (1996-), The National Museum of Art, Osaka (2000), Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo (2004), Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa (2014), and so on. In this year 2022, he has hold his solo exhibition “Midday” at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi, as well as participate in the concurrent group exhibition “Sunset/Sunrise”, both of which were well received.

After the "Submarine" period, during which he painted for nearly nine years after graduating from the university, Kobayashi has been creating paintings focusing on universality and light, mainly using everyday objects such as vessels and pillows as his subjects. Kobayashi has been always keeping a certain distance from the current trends, steadily groping inside himself to acquire new expressions, and his works have a unique charm that reminds us of the wonder of something ‘exists’. Kobayashi's paintings, which reflect the artist's inner self at any given time, and at the same time carry the universal image we have of a certain ‘thing’, extremely simple, yet - or perhaps because of this - have a sense of infinite expanse, like the universe itself.

In this solo exhibition, Kobayashi will present five new paintings and four drawings of seaside forests and beaches.
Kobayashi says of the exhibition title, “Cloud and Shadow”, that "clouds lead the eye upwards, and upwards is the image of another world that is not here", and that "Shadows show the existence of things, and are an important image that forms a counterpart to light".
As these words indicate, the new paintings for this exhibition, depicting a scene of giant vessels and unnaturally balanced blocks placed on an uninhabited beach at midday, have a sense of unreality that evokes the cohabitation of ‘visible/invisible’. They encompass a world filled with depth, which is similar to the "life/death", "sleep/wake" and "dream, dreaming us" that Kobayashi's works have symbolically represented up to now.

Please look forward to Takanobu Kobayashi's 16th solo exhibition at the gallery in four years.
We look forward to see you at the exhibition.

Cloud and shadow—Block (red) 2022
oil on canvas 162.2 x 131 cm
    Cloud and shadow—Vessel 2022
oil on canvas 130.5 x 97.5 cm