舟越桂 新作展

FUNAKOSHI Katsura New Works

29 January - 23 February, 2008


“Not Imagine Horns”
painted camphor wood, marble

2008年1月29日(火曜)より2月23日(土曜)まで「舟越桂 新作展 -For New York-」を開催いたします。
本展では2008年4月のNY展(Greenberg Van Doren Gallery)で発表する新作彫刻3点とドローイング10点を出品いたします。舟越は2006年の西村画廊の個展で4本の枝で支え宙に浮いたスフィンクスの彫像を発表し、その全く新しいかたちが注目を集めました。頭部から垂れる長い耳が印象的なスフィンクスの彫像は、男性的な骨格と豊かな胸の膨らみを併せ持ち、性別や人格を超越した存在の荘厳な美しさを表現しており、近年の舟越の大きなテーマです。また、穏やかさのうちに秘めた強い意志を感じさせる表情が印象的な新作「角を想わず」は、下腹部まで彫られた胴体にリズミカルに刻まれた鑿の痕と瑞々しいブルーで色付けされ、裸体の動物的なリアリティと凛とした爽やかさが見事に調和した作品で、美の存在とかたちへの認識のさらなる進化を伝えます。常に意欲的な制作を続ける舟越桂の最新作にご期待下さい。


舟越桂 FUNAKOSHI Katsura



Nishimura Gallery is pleased to exhibit 10th Sculpture Exhibition by Funakoshi Katsura from January 29 to February 23, 2008. Consisting of two Sculptures, namely “The Sphinx is Eating a Grasshopper above the Forest”and “Not imagine Horn”, actually exhibiting at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York this April. This Sphinx has male and female characteristic. Which is an expression of superhuman dignity beyond sex. “Not imagine Horn” is curved with a harmony of vivid organic shapes and rhythmically engraved trails of chisel.

Funakoshi was born 1951 in Iwate prefecture, graduated Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1977. Now he lives and works in Setagaya, Tokyo. His major works are sculptures of half-length figure, marble-eyes and curved out from camphor, which is now internationally recognized and applauded for its poetic presence and keen sense of silence. Early portray works to recent symbolic works, he has been eager to give new forms for his understanding of humanity.
Funakoshi has been exhibiting his works in Nishimura Gallery since 1985. A grand retrospective touring all around Japan has been held from 2003 to 2004. Ahead in 2008, the exhibition at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York, in April, and a solo exhibition will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum from July 5 to September 7.