Anish Kapoor


Untitled (1), 1993-95
gourd 125 x 17 x 22cm


Untitled (7), 1993-95
gourd, acrylic medium and pigment
85 x 35 x 20cm


Untitled (19), 1993-95
gourd, acrylic medium and pigment
70 x 20 x 20cm




Anish Kapoor was born in Bombay in 1954. He studied art in London during the 1970's and began to exhibit his work there. He is now recognized as one of the country's leading " New Sculpture " artists. This time he made sculptures of gourds.
This unique project was carried out in Kusunoki-cho, Yamaguchi-ken, where is well known as the gourd producing area in Japan. It took from January, 1994 to the spring 1995.
To make a Sculpture, he Used a gourd or some in combination, which were of natural or grown by force into various shapes he liked. Then he cut them into various shapes and painted them with bright pigments.
With vivid images surprising us, these sculptures show us his unique concept, the reverse of inside and outside, of the false and complete space.

We, Nishimura Gallery held his one person show from September 9th to October 5th by his sculptures of the project.